Tour Preview and “Lyon’s and Bee’s” EP Review by: Shane Fenton

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Over the past 12 months my ears have been privileged enough to hear some remarkable new musical artists spaning through Europe, America and ofcourse Australia.  Unmistakably, one of the most remarkable and talented artists I have witnessed would have to be Australian musician and songwriter Bec Sandridge.

The first time I seen Bec Sandridge perform live was in the UK of all places, then a few months later Bec was again in my sights (though this time with my camera in hand) at Sydney’s Annual Newtown Festival where her performance was widely remarked as one of the best at the event, which now brings me to this approaching Wednesday (22.02.2012) where Bec will be launching her new EP “Lyons And Bees” at the GoodGod Small Club in Sydney.

Bec Sandridge’s new EP “Lyons And Bees” is in every single aspect a musical evolution of her constantly emerging skills as a musician and songwriter.  I have always found Bec’s lyrics and style mesmerizing to my eyes and ears, her distinctive folk-pop sound has been a constant breath of fresh air within the Australian music industries newest list of artists and with her amazing new EP “Lyons And Bees” Bec’s popularity will only mature further.

Bec’s abilities has come a long way in a rather short time, from past songs like “Red Jumper” and “Worst Ghost” which have allowed the world to experience the gentle murmurs of Bec’s unique sounds, like a caterpillar ready for her metamorphosis into a butterfly “Lyons And Bees” is certainly that evolution.  For this EP Bec Sandridge didn’t simply write a selection of songs, “Lyons And Bees” is the substantial development of a confident musician who’s delicate echoes have been combined with the weight of experience, which is more than evident in this new studio recording.

Musically “Lyons And Bees” feels like silk wings gliding in the wind, if I may use the Butterfly metaphor again, every song lifts you off the ground and gently pushes you through each melody with an effortless ease though underneath that gentleness is a depth that comes in the formula of brilliantly written lyrics set to an incredible off-beat pulse.

If you are lucky enough to be living in Sydney on the coming Wednesday evening, February 22nd 2012, head on down to the GoodGod Small Club, Sydney and witness the beauty of Bec Sandridge’s performance and album launch of “Lyons And Bees” with special guests: Karl-Christoph & ILUKA. Doors open at 7:30PM and Tickets are: $10 at the door.

Bec Sandridge’s new EP “Lyons And Bees” is a true evolution of an amazing emerging artist who you should keep your eyes and ears open to now and in the future.

Keep an eye open on SoundStageReview as we will have a full review and images of Bec Sandridge in concert at the “Lyons And Bees” EP Launch in Sydney in the days following.


Bec Sandridge Presents:


22ND FEB, GoodGod Small Club, Sydney

w Karl-Christoph & ILUKA.

Doors 730PM. Tickets: $10

24th FEB, The Front, Canberra

w Karl Christoph & TBA

Doors 730PM. Tickets: $10

1st March, The Wesley Anne, Melbourne

w Karl Christoph, ILUKA & Kieran Christopherson

Doors 730PM. Tickets: $8

3rd March, Pure Pop Records, Melbourne

More details soon!

4th March, The Treehouse, Byron Bay

w ILUKA. More details soon!

Written by: Shane Fenton

Photography by: Shane Fenton

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